Electronic Gateway
Between Payers & Healthcare Providers


Our company believes that portal development is a multi-dimensional activity and requires expertise at many levels. Due to this reason we design and develop different kinds of web portals. To begin with there are the business to business called B2B portals that are usually used by wholesale suppliers; then there are business-to-consumer portals that are called B2C. Our portals are dynamic and extremely affordable, to both large as well as small clients. Aimed with the purpose of enhancing the overall impact of your online presence we infuse just the right amount of dynamism and relevance into the portals that our clients entrust us with.

Our expertise in e-business portals includes:

  • B2B Portal design, application architecture and technology support
  • Business process automation & Implementation
  • Microsoft .NET based web services development.
  • Support technologies such as JavaScript & XML
  • System Integration
  • Foolproof Security