AXA insurance signs a service level agreement with Waseel ASP to join Waseel electronic health insurance transaction network and utilize its services. The agreement entails technical and operational cooperation between the two sides, which allows the movement to the phase of electronic transactions between AXA and healthcare providers through the system of electronic transactions and information exchange provided by Waseel.

AXA aims to benefit from electronic transaction services as part of its efforts to implement its strategy of operational excellence through expediting processes, and reducing deputes arising from paper-based operations. The value of the services is expected to help all stakeholders associated with health insurance including the insured members.

The service level agreement includes four major services:

  1. The eligibility inquiry service
  2. Medical approval service
  3. Policy notification service
  4. Electronic claims service

During the event of signing SLA, CEO of AXA Arabia, Gary Lewis commented that AXA looked forward to see the e-services in place and had high hopes that insured member will be benefited out of this, in addition to the operational usefulness which will be of value to AXA and the healthcare providers alike.

On the other hand the CEO of Waseel ASP, Mr. Riyadh Bajodah said that Waseel is very optimistic of the result that will come from AXA joining the network. It is expected to increase the number users and beneficiaries, and will be a great encouragement to the healthcare providers to join the electronic health insurance transaction network of Waseel and make use of its features.

It is worth mentioning that the SLA covers the kingdom as a start and extends to cover the entire Gulf region, as AXA has presence in all GCC countries. Waseel will provide technical support that will enable AXA to comply with standards and protocol of electronic health information interchange that is there in the market in accordance with laws of each state in the Gulf region.