Between Payers & Healthcare Providers
Electronic Gateway

Waseele is providing a solution that can speed up the claiming process, and reduce the number of administrative reject...

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Waseel Portal is a product specifically designed for Health Care Providers. It provides electronic transactions from H...

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WArk is as an on-cloud health information system that contains set of modules and procedures that work together to

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Waseeler is a product for Insurance Companies and Third Party Administrators (TPA) centered around Waseel services. It...

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Solution & Services


We deliver B2B Solutions that span segment of Healthcare and result in real, sustainable productivity and cost-efficiency improvements for clients around GCC. For over a half decade, Waseel has demonstrated commitment to clients’s Business success by providing software that bridges the gap between entities and provides invaluable tools to manage your business.

At Waseel we offer best-of-breed technology solutions for processes such as:



  • Up in 5 days or less
  • Easy Updates
  • Ensure Availability 24/7
  • Complete data security
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Automated Transactions

Values for Payers & Providers:

  • Paperless Environment
  • Fraud Control
  • Instant Eligibility responses
  • Instant Approval responses
  • Time & Cost Saving
  • Streamlining & Automation
  • Improved Staff Efficiency
  • Seamless integration with backend systems
  • Reduction of administrative efforts
  • Electronic processing of approvals & claims