Manage your
healthcare center

Key Solutions Tailored for
Healthcare Centers

Centralized Electronic
Health Records (EHR)

Secure your patient data and make it digitized to ensure streamlined documentation and communication across your healthcare teams. Consolidate all patient data in a single place for efficient access.

Efficient Revenue
Management and Approvals

Leverage Waseel’s RCM to master your financial operations, minimize errors, expedite claim processing, and maximize your revenue, enabling you to focus on what matters most – patient care.

Actionable Data

Unlock the power of your data with Waseel’s advanced analytics. Convert raw data into meaningful insights for strategic decision-making, leading to improved operations and enhanced patient outcomes.

Integrate Waseel Effortlessly
into Your Current System

Waseel products blend seamlessly into your current Hospital Information System, making the
transition hassle-free and keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

Key Solutions Tailored for
Healthcare Centers

Waseel’s PBM solution enhances efficiency in formulary management, prevents unnecessary drug
spending, and provides real-time analytics for cost-effective decision-making

Waseel RCM: Seamless Revenue Optimization

Enhance your revenue cycle efficiency, improve billing accuracy, and expedite claims with Waseel’s RCM.

Waseel PBM: Comprehensive Pharmacy Benefits Management

Maintain efficient control over your center’s pharmacy operations and ensure patient medication safety with Waseel’s PBM.

Waseel HIS: Consolidated Patient Data Management

Manage patient information effortlessly, enable cohesive care delivery, and ensure data privacy with Waseel’s HIS.

Waseel Connect: Cohesive Care Coordination

Bridge the communication gap between patients and providers, fostering superior patient satisfaction with Waseel Connect.

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