Pharmacy Benefit

Maximize Your
Pharmacy Benefits

Manage pharmacy benefits efficiently and control expenses with Waseel’s cutting-edge PBM technology.

Use sophisticated algorithms and business rules to analyze patient data, pinpointing avenues for significant cost savings.

Streamline your medication services with easier claims processing, drug utilization management, and prior authorization

Efficiency and Savings
with Waseel PBM

Easily manage doctors’ prescriptions with Waseel’s PBM, streamlining your health institution’s operations.

Prevent excess drug spending and leverage real-time analytics for cost-effective decision-making.

Why Choose Waseel’s PBM Solution

Waseel’s PBM stands out for its adaptability, seamless integration, local market compliance with
KSA, and commitment to innovation.

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599 sar

Up to 1500 transactions included

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • QCode Mapping not included
  • QPBM trial not included


899 sar

Up to 2500 transactions included

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • R300 NPHIES codes
  • R30 days PBM free trial


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Unlimited transactions

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • R500 NPHIES codes
  • R60 days PBM free trial

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