Empowering Healthcare
Insurance Operations
with Waseel

Innovative Solutions
for Insurance

Automate Claims

Leverage our intelligent automation to expedite claims processing, minimizing errors and improving customer satisfaction, significantly reducing manual errors and boosting operational efficiency.

Boost Drug
Approval Rate

Employ Waseel’s PBM solution to verify prescribed drugs in real-time, consequently increasing the drug approval rate and saving up to 20% on healthcare costs for insurance companies.

Maximize Efficiency
and Convenience

Revamp your relationships with healthcare centers via our automated systems for smoother and mutually beneficial interactions. Maximize healthcare providers’ efficiency and provides superior convenience for patients.pabilities enable informed decision-making, driving operational efficiency.

Waseel Integrated into Your
Current System

Waseel products blend seamlessly into your current Healthcare center
Information System, making the transition hassle-free and keeping your
operations smooth and uninterrupted.

Benefit from Joining
Waseel’s Network

Waseel’s PBM solution enhances efficiency in formulary management, prevents unnecessary drug
spending, and provides real-time analytics for cost-effective decision-making

Extensive Network

Join a large and growing network of healthcare providers.

Improved Operations

Upgrade operational procedures to be faster and more efficient.

Fraud Detection

Secure your financials with advanced systems to prevent fraud.

Experience Waseel
In Action

Embrace next-level healthcare operations with Waseel’s
breakthrough solutions. Book your demo today and
optimize your operations and patient care!