Enhanced Hospital
Information Systems

Discover a world where efficiency meets innovation. Our Enhanced HIS
seamlessly streamlines healthcare operations and patient care. Embrace
the evolution.

Streamline Your Healthcare Operations

Revolutionize your information management with dynamic electronic health record capabilities and robust analytics.

Seamlessly centralize patient data and integrate billing functionalities to redefine operational management in healthcare.

Ensure fully connected data flows and utilization with Waseel’s HIS, paving the way for optimal patient care.

The Technology for Superior
Healthcare Operations

Elevate healthcare operations with Waseel’s HIS, featuring integrated EMR management and advanced analytics.

Streamline finances and optimize resource utilization with our cohesive system.

Why Waseel’s his

Discover the advantages of Waseel’s HIS, to streamline healthcare
management and processes, and ehance patient outcomes.

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599 sar

Up to 1500 transactions included

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • QCode Mapping not included
  • QPBM trial not included


899 sar

Up to 2500 transactions included

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • R300 NPHIES codes
  • R30 days PBM free trial


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Unlimited transactions

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • R500 NPHIES codes
  • R60 days PBM free trial

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