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Facilitate NPHIES

Effortlessly connect your healthcare organization to the National Public Health Information Exchange System.

Streamline claims management with automated claim generation and pre-authorization requests.

Facilitate information flow through secure messaging, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data exchanges.

Unlock the Power of
Unified Data

Experience seamless data exchange, secure communication, efficient insurance operations, and intuitive integration with NPHIES.

Our solution revolutionizes healthcare data management, providing real-time connectivity and comprehensive control over insurance transactions.

Why Choose Waseel Connect

Experience state-of-the-art security, heightened efficiency, seamless NPHIES
integration, and relentless uptime.

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599 sar

Up to 1500 transactions included

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • QCode Mapping not included
  • QPBM trial not included


899 sar

Up to 2500 transactions included

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • R300 NPHIES codes
  • R30 days PBM free trial


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Unlimited transactions

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • R500 NPHIES codes
  • R60 days PBM free trial

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