optimized Revenue
Cycle Management

Optimize Your
Revenue Cycle

Reduce claim rejections and ensure faster reimbursements, generating more revenue for your healthcare facility.

Minimize errors, streamline workflows, and maximize profitability through efficient revenue management processes.

Cut down on administrative burdens and overhead costs, enabling your healthcare facility to focus on providing excellent patient care.

Boost Profits with
Waseel’s RCM

Experience accuracy in billing, significant overhead reductions, expedited claim collections, and a notable decrease in rejections.

Transform your revenue management to get real-time access to patient information and financial data.

Why Choose Waseel’s RCM Solution

Discover a better revenue cycle management with Waseel’s RCM, offering
adaptability, reduced errors, and comprehensive staff training.

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599 sar

Up to 1500 transactions included

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • QCode Mapping not included
  • QPBM trial not included


899 sar

Up to 2500 transactions included

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • R300 NPHIES codes
  • R30 days PBM free trial


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Unlimited transactions

  • RFree Eligibility
  • R24/7 Customer Support
  • R500 NPHIES codes
  • R60 days PBM free trial

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